A retreat allows you to take time away from the busyness of life to focus on your relationship with God. The types of retreat we offer are either themed, individually guided, self-guided or silent.

Individually guided retreat

The majority of the time on this retreat is silent and can last from between 2-6 nights; if this is your first time, we suggest you start with 2 nights.

Guests have the opportunity to meet with a spiritual director each day to talk about their prayer life and they are given guidance on what to reflect on and pray during their time on retreat.  Meals (with the exception of supper on the first night and lunch on the final day) are also silent.  Guests are expected to spend much of their time in prayer and reflection and are encouraged to join with the daily monastic cycle of prayer and liturgy.

Themed retreat

These retreats are led by a member of the monastic community or an specially selected collaborator.  Formal sessions may contain teaching on the theme as well as discussion, guided meditations, group prayer and guidance on different methods of praying.  Guests are also encouraged to join the community of monks in the Abbey Church for daily monastic prayer and liturgy.

There is also time in between sessions when guests can choose meet and discuss the input, walk in the beautiful grounds, read or use the time to be silent and reflective.

Self-guided retreat (Time Out)

Individuals are invited to come to Worth Abbey and use the space for their own self-guided retreat.  An opportunity for stillness, time in reflection and to enjoy the peace of the Sussex countryside.  There is no set programme other than an optional daily Lectio Divina session, the usual daily monastic timetable of prayer and liturgy and the opportunity for a 1:1 meeting with a member of the monastic community.