28th-31st March

The Easter Triduum – the celebration of our salvation through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ – is the greatest feast of the year for us as Christians; it is the centre-point and climax of the life of Jesus and therefore, of us as his followers. We are invited to enter into this important celebration with solemn reverence, prayer and devotion.  The monastic community at Worth Abbey invite you to join them.


Retreat – £195 per person

Cross Walk – £60 per person

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28th-31st March

Celebrate the Easter Triduum at Worth Abbey.  Be in fellowship with others as we follow the powerful liturgy of the Triduum and allow ourselves to be formed by it.

Accommodation will be in St Bruno’s retreat house where we offer a warm welcome, comfortable rooms and good food; giving you the opportunity to fully engage with the liturgy which is at the heart of Christian faith.

Led by members of the Worth monastic community

Cost:  £360 per person

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15th-21st April

3rd-7th June

12th-18th August

minimum 2 nights

Spend a few days at Worth Abbey enjoying the rhythm of the monastic prayer and liturgy, time in reflection and the peace of the Sussex countryside.  No set programme other than an optional daily Lectio Divina session, the usual monastic timetable of divine office and liturgy and the opportunity for a 1:1 meeting with a member of the monastic community.

Meal times:  Breakfast 8-9am, Lunch 1:15pm and Supper 7:15pm.  Worth Abbey Church Liturgy and prayer

COST:  £90 per person, per night

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If the dates above are not convenient, please contact us to check availability for your preferred dates as we may be able accommodate you.


26th-29th February 

20th-23rd May 

2nd-5th September 



‘Be still and know that I am God’ (Psalm 46).  Come to Worth Abbey and encounter the power of stillness.  Through the Benedictine tradition,  discover how stillness can be part of your everyday life and how transformative it can be.  The retreat will include teachings in Lectio Divina and stilling the mind as well as an opportunity to have a 1:1 meeting with a member of the monastic community.

COST:  £330 per person, single occupancy

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…. time to stop…look… listen

Saturday 11th May

10am – 4pm

Led by Elizabeth Elliott

As an experienced life coach and mentor, Elizabeth has coached and mentored people, young and older for 20 years towards clearer direction and enriched lives, with a heart for embracing both life’s joys and brokenness ….. having lived through depression….  she discovered the hidden treasures which proved to be a lifechanging adventure.

The day will provide a tool for seekers on life’s journey…..and provide a fresh look at life so far…this will include a look at:  living from gratitude for all the good and happy,  facing and making use of trials and setbacks and learning from both carefree and sadder times.

You will receive encouraging support as you stop, look and listen; chances to hear and learn from others’ stories; your own created life journey map to treasure.

Cost: £30 per person – includes refreshments, please bring a packed lunch

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11th-17th March 

8th-14th July 

7th-13th October 

An IGR is an individual guided retreat and an opportunity to participate in a contemplative retreat.  The Benedictine IGR takes the general concept of an IGR and adapts it for a Benedictine setting.  It offers a contemplative Benedictine environment as a place of discernment – where you follow the monastic rhythm of the day but also meet up daily with a spiritual guide to reflect on what God might be saying to you at this time.

With a maximum of 10 participants, the retreat is largely held in silence and will also follow the daily rhythm of the monastic office.

COST:  £110 per person, per night (minimum 3 nights)

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22nd-25th April 

9th-12th September 

Fr Peter Williams OSB


This retreat uses some practises from Tai Chi to explore the concept of balance and energy and how they relate to prayer in the form of stillness and mediation.  A truly mind/body/spirit retreat, Fr Peter uses the insights gained from 30 years of practise to guide you in how the body as ‘a temple of the Holy Spirit’ is very central to having a healthy prayer life.  No previous experience of Tai Chi is necessary.

Limited number of places available.

Cost: £330 per person

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30th June – 7th July 

Hanna Ward

Hanna is a Finnish born, British educated professional iconographer and illuminated manuscript painter, based in Surrey.

This course provides an introduction to all aspects of traditional icon painting:  drawing an image onto a gessoed board and painting with natural and semi-precious pigments with egg tempera and using clay and lose leaf gold leaf for gilding.  The aim is to understand the history, symbolism and meaning of icons and to gain the basic skills to be able to draw and paint them.

The emphasis will be on copying and tracing an old image correctly and carefully onto the icon board and learning to paint from dark to light in a traditional iconographic way.  Participants will be given a step-by-step guide through the various disciplines of this nearly 2000-year-old tradition.

The aim is to paint six full days from Monday to Saturday and finish the icons during this six day retreat, and have them blessed in the church on Sunday.

Cost: £956 per person (includes full board and all materials)

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11th-14th November 

Fr Peter Williams OSB

Simon Holland Brown Dip.Couns MBACP


For anyone struggling with bereavement, Fr Peter Williams and Simon Holland-Brown (an experienced bereavement counsellor) offer spiritual space for healing and reconciliation.  The retreat uses the Benedictine monastic framework of prayer to provide a spiritual and healing space where the effects of dealing with bereavement and grief can be discussed in a safe and open way.  It will offer both a group context to discuss experiences more generally, time for 1:1 accompaniment and also space for silence, prayer and reflection. Bereavement can never fully dealt with finally, but this offers a way forward within a spiritual and healing context.

Cost: £330 per person

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