Wisdom of the Desert Fathers and Mothers cont…..: Sat 8th May (online)

During the Lent retreat earlier this year we looked at several of the 8 thoughts – gluttony, anger and vainglory and saw how relevant John Cassian’s observations were about these vices for us today.  In this retreat we will look at all the 8 thoughts and how they work together in combination.

To quote Cassian, “Once you can understand the problem, you become very near to finding the solution”.

The sessions:

1.     Thoughts of the World – gluttony, lust and avarice

2.     Thoughts of the Heart – anger, acedia and sadness

3.     Thoughts of the Mind – vainglory and pride

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A programme detailing the content will be forwarded nearer the event but for your information the day will take the following approximate format:

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