The Mindful Family Retreat: 1st-3rd May (Shaun Lambert)

Worth Abbey’s Open Cloister is perfectly set up to be a sanctuary for families as well as individuals.  In this retreat Shaun will draw on the wisdom of the Benedictine tradition as well as the insights of mindfulness. The emphasis will be on being together (rather than doing) in the ‘thin place’ that is Worth with the beautiful creation the Abbey nestles in. The retreat will be based around key mindful and spiritual principles, with lots of opportunities for play and participating in creative activities. The retreat will embrace the Abbey’s rhythm of prayer. It is an opportunity to escape the virtual world and experience life in all its fullness, together, making a way to God.

Shaun Lambert is a Baptist minister, a frequent retreatant at Worth Abbey and a writer, correspondent for the Baptist Times and author of ‘A Book of Sparks – A Study in Christian Mindfulness’ and ‘Putting On The Wakeful One: Attuning to the Spirit of Jesus through Watchfulness…’

Cost: £333 based on family of 4 (children up to 12 years old only), fully inclusive.

To book your place contact The Open Cloister, or call (01342) 710318.


This was posted in on 29 January 2020.