Facilitated by Hanna Ward:  Hanna is a Finnish born, British educated professional iconographer and illuminated manuscript painter, based in  Surrey.  www.hannaward.com

The course will provide an introduction to all aspects of traditional icon painting:  drawing an image of Christ onto gessoed board and painting with natural and semi-precious pigments with egg tempera and using clay and lose leaf gold leaf for gilding.

The aim is to understand the history, symbolism and meaning of icons and to gain the basic skills to be able to draw and paint them. The emphasis will be on copying and tracing an old image correctly and carefully onto the icon board and learning to paint from dark to light in a traditional iconographic way. Participants will be given a step-by-step guide through the various disciplines of this nearly 2000-year-old tradition.

The aim is to paint six full days from Monday to Saturday and finish the icons during this six day retreat, and have them blessed in the church on Sunday.

COST: £675 per person – Residential guest                £375 per person – Day guest

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This was posted in on 27 May 2022.

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